Assisting parishes, families and individuals in lifelong faith formation.

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Services for Parish Catechetical Leaders

  • Guidance for parish leadership positions
  • Orientation to catechesis in the Diocese
  • Ongoing Professional Development and continuing education
  • Networking
  • Consultation and guidance in the development of parish evangelization and catechetical processes

Looking for certification training for Leaders in RCIA/Adult Formation, Youth Evangelization and Children’s Catechesis?

Services for Pastors

  • Consultation on all ‘womb to tomb’ faith formation needs
  • Recruitment, selection, and initial training of parish catechetical staff
  • Professional skills development for parish catechetical staff
  • Resources on catechetical issues, policies, procedures, and programs

Parish Ministries that We Support

Upcoming Events

Office of Family Catechesis and Parish Leadership Support

400 E. Monroe
Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 354-2323
(602) 354-2432 (FAX)

Angela Gaetano, Director of Parish Leadership Support
(602) 354-2321

Danielle Burr, Coordinator of Evangelization and Marriage Initiative
(602) 354-2343

Victoria Smith, Senior Administrative Assistant
(602) 354-2323