In Genesis 1 we are told that being men and women, masculine and feminine, is mysteriously at the heart of how we image God. “In the image of God he made them. Male and female he created them.” In Genesis 2 we have the beautiful creation narrative that has Eve created from the rib of Adam. That woman is made of the rib, and not the head or the foot, in symbolic language points to equality and a relationship of love.

The Church teaches that men and women share a fundamental equality of nature and dignity. Both are human. Both image God, together. Yet the female and male difference is also celebrated and respected in Church teaching. Science, too, is deepening our understanding of the profound reality of the masculine and feminine difference and complementarity in recent brain and hormonal research.

Many apostolates exist in the diocese at both the Diocesan and Parish levels to serve the distinct needs of men and women, encouraging them to encounter Jesus Christ powerfully through study, fellowship, the sacraments, the Word of God, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Parish Apostolates Include

Your parish is a central hub for groups of men, women, and married couples.  Check your bulletin or ask your pastor for information on…

  • Home-Based Bible Studies
  • Weekly Prayer Groups
  • Fellowship Groups

Diocese-wide Apostolates