Ambria Hammel
Ambria HammelStaff Writer for The Catholic Sun

Ambria Hammel, Staff Writer for The Catholic Sun

Ambria Hammel is a Staff Writer for The Catholic Sun, although it’s tough for many readers in the field to recognize her without a camera. She joined the staff in the summer of 2006.

“Staff Writer” are two short words that Ambria says almost daily also translate to “web content producer,” “social media coordinator,” “proofreader” and “blogger.” Speaking of translations, she enjoys the diminishing challenge of doing social media in Spanish as she grows más bilingüe.

Ambria has a knack for sharing local news via bylined and unbylined pieces in print, online and in social media. Vocations pieces, school news, parish life and the pool of Catholic-run nonprofits are among her favorites. Apart from that, she can be found visiting her favorite family homeless shelter and their pets, archiving personal photos or driving long distances to ensure young friendships and family bonds endure.

Ambria is a ‘Roamin’ Catholic. Although she is on paper at one-two parishes, Ambria is rarely there. She attends Mass almost anywhere depending on where her weekend takes her. In recent years, that has included the monthly Unity Mass hosted by the Office of Black Catholic Ministry, a Native American Mission and check ins with the TV Mass crowd.

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