December 12, 2014 – We learned this afternoon that Mesa Police arrested Fr. Solomon Bandiho on suspicion of child prostitution. His priestly faculties have been removed and he is prohibited from public ministry. We are not aware of any additional claims of sexual misconduct involving Fr. Bandiho.

Fr. Bandiho is a doctoral student from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley. He was on a work-study program as part of his studies and assigned to Holy Cross Parish in Mesa, where he has served as administrator of the parish since July 2014. He has also assisted at St. Helen Parish in Glendale. He is a priest of the Diocese of Bukoba in Tanzania.

The Diocese of Phoenix performs background checks, including fingerprinting on all priests who are given assignments in its parishes and institutions. No previous allegations or criminal activity were indicated in a background check. He comes with the recommendation and letter of good standing from his own bishop as well.  Read Statement