Some selected titles from Deacon James Keating

The Character of the Deacon

Drawing on the expertise of eight distinguished theologians, this collection of essays offers a unique insight into the many facets of the character of the deacon. The essays are divided into four areas: the diaconate and Scripture, tradition, prayer, and action.

A Deacon’s Retreat

A self-directed retreat for deacons in the Catholic Church designed to lead the deacon into silent adoration and deeper appropriation of his call from Christ to become a deacon.

The Heart of the Diaconate

The Heart of the Diaconate explores the creative tension of the diaconate vocation and what the diaconate for the future will look like. The book outlines what those who are considering the diaconate must possess if it is truly going to be an effective and vibrant ministry within the church. With a focus on availability to both prayer and ministry, the future of the diaconate must be both mystical and youthful and address one important question: Where has the gospel yet to reach in my diocese?

Spousal Prayer

This short but reflective book affirms that the sharing of hearts is a necessary commitment in both marriage and prayer. If we can learn what the key elements to sharing the heart are and equally what the key elements to receiving the heart of another are, then we will know the greatest of intimacy in both prayer and marriage.

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The Deacon Reader

The essays collected in this book, aim to give the reader an overview of the theological and pastoral nature of the diaconate and thus to clarify the fundamental identity of the deacon.


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