The Interpenetration of Fatherhood, Married Life, and Diaconate” – Dcn. James Keating

Diaconate is a dynamic way of life incorporating many connections of love and communion. We would all benefit to meditate together on how this life of communion and self-donation flows from and relates back to our living Christ’s own servant mysteries. In so doing we can all deepen our participation in this privileged vocation which sends us to abide in the Word and bear the fruit of such to those in need. Listen here to part 1, part 2, and part 3.



“Spiritual Direction: The Key for Fruitful Diaconate Ministry” – Fr. Eugene Florea

Spiritual direction is the cornerstone of diaconal life and is crucial for growth in the deacon’s relationship with the Lord.  Yet the deacon’s own interior disposition toward spiritual direction will greatly impact the degree of fruitfulness of that spiritual direction for his life and ministry.  This talk will focus on what the deacon can expect from spiritual direction and how he can be better disposed to receive this direction in such a way that he enters more fully into the “abundant life” that Christ promises. (cf. Jn. 10:10). Listen here.



“The Deacon: A Model Christian Man” – Fr. Paul Sullivan

In being called to serve in the ordained ministry, the deacon has a unique role to witness to healthy masculine spirituality on behalf of the Church. In recent years, a movement across the country of Men’s Conferences and writings such as Into the Breach by Bishop Olmsted has prompted further discernment of what it means to be a Christian man. This talk will allow us to consider the importance of what the apostles looked for when they chose the first deacons who were “men of good repute.” Indeed, this “good repute” flows out of our union with Jesus and our identity in Him. This allows for a true understanding of the man’s call to be protector, provider and spiritual leader. Listen here.


“Daughters of the King” – Barb Lishko and Lani Bogart

In this session we will contrast and compare God’s plan for women with what we’ve experienced. From Eden to suburbia, what has it meant to be a woman? Through Scripture, engaging examples, and storytelling, we will revisit our roots and explore our potential as women. We’ll discuss God’s plan from the beginning in comparison with ways we have experienced our femininity, ending with ways to reclaim our original inheritance. Listen here.

“Living Your Queenship” – Barb Lishko and Lani Bogart

In this session we will discuss how to better integrate the Vocation to Matrimony with our husbands’ Vocation to Holy Orders. Taking lessons from the Queen Mother (both Mary and the Church) we will highlight our unique beauty as God’s vessels along with a few of the many ways we can spread God’s message of life and love to others. Listen here.