Retreat for Grieving Parents

//Retreat for Grieving Parents
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Of all the pains that life can hand us, arguably the most searing is the loss of a child. During this weekend, just as Jesus joined his distraught disciples on the road to Emmaus, we pray for all of our parents and we ask Jesus to join us as we walk the horrendous journey of grieving our loss every day.

EMFGP (EMMAUS Ministry For Grieving Parents) is a unique ministry that serves the spiritual needs of grieving parents whose children of any age have died by any cause, no matter how long ago. We focus on the promise of eternal life and the rich teachings of our faith to help these terribly broken parents.

We ask questions such as:

  • Where is God in my pain?
  • Where is my child right now?
  • Why do I feel abandoned by God?
  • How could God let this happen?

Please visit for more information. 

The retreat is offered by grieving parents who have lost children of their own, and is supported by spiritual leaders who understand this ministry.Together, we provide an opportunity for parents to gather in a sacred, warm,and compassionate space with others who know their pain. Many parents find peace and comfort, at least for a time. All faiths are welcome.

For additional information contact Eric’s Mom Marianne Gouveia at 602.549.8932 or Paul’s Mom Diane Monaghan at 617.542.8057.

 Fee per person, including meals:

  • $150.00 Commuter
  • $225.00 Private Room w/ Bath
  • $150.00 Shared Room w/ Bath

 Pre-registration required.