Chastity and Marriage

Chastity is the ‘regulator’ of our lives that keeps our desires from being either too ‘puritan’ (thinking the body or sex is evil) or too ‘playboy’ (we should always indulge any desire we have).

Raising Your Children for Sexual Purity

Understanding Contraception

  • Why is the church so rigid on contraception? Does it just want every couple to have 18 children?
  • Is the Church’s teaching on contraception in the Bible, or did the Church just make it up?

Understanding Cohabitation

  • Why does the Church interfere in the sex lives of couples? It’s really just a private matter between us.
  • Why should we need to separate now? It’s just an arbitrary rule of the Church.

Pornography & Healing

  • I’ve tried everything, but I just feel helpless. I don’t think I can ever overcome my need to view pornography or engage in impure behavior.
  • I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s natural for us to look at the naked body, God even made us that way. Plus, some of the art in the Vatican even has naked people in it, so what’s the big deal with pornography like Playboy?
  • But doesn’t pornography function as a release valve so that people who have a lot of sexual tension can find some escape from their tension and then go back to having normal lives?

Understanding Homosexuality

Theology of the Body