The Medical Ethics Board was instituted by Bishop Olmsted to assist him through providing clinical insights and theological perspectives for understanding complex medical ethics questions. It will make recommendations to the Bishop on medical ethics issues that may arise and it will assist in developing relationships with health care institutions that exist within the Diocese of Phoenix.

Who We Are

Fr. Ignatius Mazanowski, FHS, Medical Ethics Director of the Diocese of Phoenix [Email]

How We Help

The Diocesan Medical Ethics Board will have competence to assist the Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix as follows:

  • Provide the Bishop with clinical insights and perspectives for the understanding of complex medical ethics questions, as guided by the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • Develop a method of evaluating compliance with ERDs by health care providers in the Diocese of Phoenix.
  • Provide educational opportunities on the ERDs for those in pastoral ministries of the Diocese and those who are employed by health care providers.
  • Serve in a liaison capacity between the Bishop and health care providers.
  • Be a resource that health care providers can approach to assist in the development of policies and procedures that are consistent with the ERDs.
  • Provide the Bishop with timely recommendations, as medical ethical issues arise and assist in the promulgation of guideline when needed.
  • Assist in the development of resources to guide the faithful in understanding the ERDs and other relevant moral teachings of the Catholic Church, as they face the often complex decisions associated with health care issues.
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Know the Issues

We all benefit from understanding the key issues around human dignity, health, and medical ethics.
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