Each year we try to provide you with an opportunity for liturgical growth in your ministry.  We sincerely invite you to mark your calendars and come away with us to reflect on the liturgical aspect of your priestly ministry.

Liturgy Evaluation
Openness to growth deepens our faith!  We are available to attend and experience your Sunday Liturgies and go through an evaluation process with you and your parish staff and planning teams, etc.  We will come upon your request.  To set up dates for such a process contact the Office of Worship (602-354-2110).

Parish Liturgy Teams
We are available to meet and work with your Parish Liturgy Teams. Areas of assistance include helping teams focus on goals, purpose, development, role, and planning.

Our Services for Your Parish

  • Consultation with parish and Diocesan personnel in all matters liturgical.
  • Clearing house for job descriptions, salary guideline, job openings in parishes for Liturgist/musicians.
  • Network with Liturgists/Musicians regularly.
  • Offer several Liturgy courses through the Office and Kino Institute.
  • Share responsibility with Catechetical ministry for RCIA in the Dioceses. (workshops, training, formation)
  • Provides and facilitates numerous workshops for liturgists and musicians.
  • Coordinates all planning and execution of Diocesan Celebrations.
  • Provides and distributes publications for liturgical renewal.
  • Serves on numerous committees and boards.
  • Offers an evaluation process for evaluation parish liturgies and working with staff.
  • Works with formation and catechesis for parish liturgy teams.

Our Services to Community

  • Collaborate with numerous other departments in sponsoring formation sessions and workshops.
  • Collaborate and assist other departments in planning key liturgical celebrations for their congregations.
  • Assist various groups in planning and execution of liturgies for National Conventions/Conferences.
  • Work with ecumenical groups in planning and executing worship.
  • Administrate and facilitate the Diocesan Chorale.
  • Serve as faculty and on the Advisory Board of the Diaconal Community.
  • Interrelates with National Offices: Bishops’ Committee on Liturgy, the Southwest Liturgical Conference, to keep abreast of information and secure documents to distribute to clientele.