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Family Catechesis – the Impossible Journey – or Not?

Parents catechizing their own children?! Of course, we all know that parents are the primary teachers of the Faith for their children and doing it is after all their responsibility – but it may look very different in our parish catechesis!

In this workshop we will begin by exploring the indispensable role of the family in the Church and in the world and what that means to those of us entrusted with the task of serving and supporting families. We will then examine the documents of the Church regarding parents being their own children’s catechists, and the role of the Church in evangelizing and teaching the parents, thus equipping them to fulfill their privilege and responsibility. Then we will turn to the question of “how do we get from where we are” to a family based catechetical program? Perhaps some of you have already taken the plunge into family catechesis or you are incorporating parents in some aspects of your catechetical programs. This part of the workshop will be practical and replete with real life examples.

We will look at how to prepare yourselves and your parish for such a change. We will examine some options that you might utilize as you move ahead and address some of the practical considerations and essential aspects in the evangelization and catechesis of parents. Time will be allotted for questions and answers throughout the day. You don’t want to miss it!

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