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Diocese of Phoenix Statement on Vandalism at Chapel of the Holy Cross

We are deeply saddened at the violent acts of vandalism inflicted upon the sacred worship space at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The interior of the chapel sustained considerable damage, and Sedona Police have arrested a suspect. We will share more information as it becomes available. Please join us in praying for God’s merciful love to heal our community.

Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference Statement on Brush & Nib Decision

We are grateful that the importance of religious liberty was recognized today by the Arizona Supreme Court in the case of Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix. The case involves two Christian artists who only want to create art that is consistent with their artistic and religious beliefs.  Today’s ruling striking down a Phoenix [...]

Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference Statement on Tuition Relief for Undocumented Students at Public Universities

The Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC) applaud today’s action by the Board of Regents that will provide tuition relief for more Arizona high school graduates who are undocumented immigrants and are seeking to enroll in our public universities.

Bishop Olmsted Expresses Sorrow Over Border Tragedy

"I am heartbroken after seeing the photo of the father and his baby daughter who drowned crossing the Rio Grande. I join Pope Francis in expressing my deep sorrow. I unite with my brother bishops, Cardinal DiNardo and Bishop Vásquez, in calling upon the federal government not to turn a deaf ear to the cries of the families suffering in search of asylum in the United States."

Statement on Clergy Report Released Today at Press Conference

We are reviewing the report released today at the press conference with survivors of sexual abuse. The report appears to contain names currently published on our website, as well as those previously published by other dioceses and religious orders. Today’s report does not identify any clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse who are in active ministry in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Statement on Sexual Abuse Survivors Press Conference

We are aware of the press conference scheduled for today that will provide survivors of sexual abuse the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the evil actions that have caused them and their loved ones deep suffering. We share in their anguish and anger. We pray that today serves as another step along their journey to healing.

Statement on the Release of Names by the Franciscan Friars

May 31, 2019 Today the Franciscan Friars, Province of Saint Barbara released the names of Friars who have credible accusations of sexual abuse against a minor. The list of names is part of their review of records dating back to the 1940s, which includes the names of Franciscans who were assigned to Arizona at one [...]

Statement on Arrest of Former Salvatorian Priest Joseph Henn

May 31, 2019 The Diocese of Phoenix is pleased to learn that authorities have located and apprehended former Salvatorian priest Joseph Henn in Italy. We support the efforts of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to extradite Henn and return him to the United States in order to face the criminal charges against him. Henn was [...]