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2 (Refreshed): Easing into the Theology of the Body (kinda)

Welcome to TOB Tuesdays Refreshed.  Easing into the Theology of the Body (kinda) Welcome to TOB Tuesdays! My name is Katrina Zeno and every week we'll spend a few minutes reflecting on an aspect of St. John Paul II's monumental work, Man and Woman He Created Them, otherwise known as the "Theology of the Body." [...]

1 (Refreshed): Why Do We Have a Body?/A Body Full of Surprises

Welcome to TOB Tuesdays Refreshed.  Over the next few months we will revisit Katrina’s past blogs followed by Jack Henz'* reflection.   Why Do We Have A Body? Why do we have a body anyway? I’m so glad you asked. To answer, I’d like to quote a story from an Aussie friend of mine, Dr. Gerard [...]

33: Three Life-Changing Nuggets from St. John Paul II

In honor of St. John Paul II’s feast day (October 22), Katrina adapted a recent talk entitled, “Four Life-Changing Nuggets from St. JPII.” In this blog, she only covers 3 nuggets, but if you’d like a pdf of the whole talk, please email our JPII Resource Center assistant, Zelda ( and request  a copy. And [...]

30: La Sagrada Familia – An Icon of Spousal Love”

This week, I am again delighted to present another guest “speaker,” Candida Kirkpatrick. Below is an adapted version of the talk she wrote on the “sacramentality of marriage” during our recent TOB Speaker Training. PLEASE NOTE: TOB TUESDAYS WILL BE TAKING A BREAK UNTIL SEPTEMBER. At that time, we will relaunch with a new format [...]

28: Humanae Vitae and Celebrating the Lord’s Day

I am always intrigued by how each blog begins formulating in my mind. This week’s blog started as I was writing last week’s blog on maintaining the equilibrium between the unitive and procreative meanings of the conjugal act. The thought crossed my mind about how this aspect of Church teaching doesn’t apply to me since [...]