Welcome to the St. John Paul II Resource Center for Theology of the Body and Culture!

The JP2 Resource Center is here to serve you! We offer talks, retreats, and training for individuals on “Theology of the Body,” St. John Paul II’s  influential work. We offer workshops, teacher in-service retreats, age-appropriate classroom talks and more for parishes, schools, and other groups.

Contact us at (602) 354-2179 for more information!

What the Resource Center provides within the Diocese of Phoenix:

  1. 3 levels of education on the theology of the body:
    • Water skiing – A one-hour talk that “skims” the surface of John Paul II’s 129 Wednesday audiences. Learn More
    • Snorkeling – Two or three talks that go a little deeper into John Paul II’s thought by focusing on a specific topic (chastity formation, marriage, the single life, dating, modesty, the dignity of women, Mary, the Eucharist, current moral issues, natural family planning, etc.). Learn More
    • Scuba diving – Four to seven talks that penetrate deeply into John Paul II’s thought (not for the faint at heart!). The goal is to help participants transition from hearing about John Paul II’s writings to engaging the text of his writings for themselves. Learn More
  2. Consulting for parish or organizational programs that desire to integrate theology of the body into their program content/presentations (i.e., Life Teen, confirmation, marriage preparation, etc.) Contact Us
  3. Assistance in answering your questions regarding the theology of the body. Contact Us

The St. John Paul II Resource Center is pleased to announce the TOB Specialization Certification Program! This two-year program is a systematic, comprehensive overview of theology of the body for the purpose of keeping alive the legacy of St. John Paul II. The hope is that this certification program will inspire the participant to delve deeper into the wisdom of JPII, to defend sexual morality and to share this knowledge for the glory of the Kingdom. Registration is available to the first fifteen participants.

TOB Specialization Certification Program - click here to register.

St. Philomena Mother-Daughter Retreat

August 18 @ 6:00 pm - August 20 @ 12:00 pm