This annual appeal takes place in every parish in January, this year during Masses Jan. 19-20, 2019. The goal is to collect funds so that the Diocese can continue its mission to uphold the right-to-life of all people from conception to natural death. Since 2011, funds collected from the appeal have been split and used for three different purposes:

  1. Parish respect life activities: 1/3 of the funds collected at a parish will remain with the parish and are to be used for parish Respect Life activities at the pastor’s discretion.
  2. Diocesan educational projects: 1/3 of the funds will support the work of the Office of Marriage and Respect Life as they educate Catholics on pro-life issues and mobilize them to take action in their community
  3. Virtue Media Advertising: 1/3 of the funds will continue our Virtue media advertising campaign. These ads reach out to young women experiencing an unintended pregnancy and connect them through a toll-free number to a local pregnancy center ready to help them choose life for their unborn children.

For more information about the appeal, or if you need assistance setting up an appeal in your parish, contact Clarissa Quiring, Coordinator of Respect Life Parish Leadership Support, at or by telephone at 602-354-2132.