Statement on Clergy Report Released Today at Press Conference

June 26, 2019

We are reviewing the report released today at the press conference with survivors of sexual abuse. The report appears to contain names currently published on our website, as well as those previously published by other dioceses and religious orders. Today’s report does not identify any clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse who are in active ministry in the Diocese of Phoenix.

The publication of information regarding any credible allegation of abuse that occurred prior to Dec. 2, 1969 — prior to the existence of the Diocese of Phoenix — is coordinated by the diocese in which the abuse occurred. The Diocese of Phoenix website contains clearly identified, direct links to the public notifications made by those dioceses.

This information, initially published by the Diocese of Phoenix in 2012, may be found here:

The Diocese of Phoenix encourages anyone who has been a victim of abuse to contact local law enforcement. For additional information about support services for those who have been abused, please contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection at (602) 354-2396.

We stand united with the community, particularly with children and vulnerable adults, in praying and working for an end to the tragedy of sexual abuse.