No one who is in love with their spouse enters into marriage with the intention of getting divorced later. But it is no secret that divorce rates have skyrocketed in the past century and now our society has accepted divorce as an almost normal or expected state of affairs. But as the words of Jesus tell us, God never intends for what he has joined in marriage to be torn apart by man. But how can a couple maintain a strong marriage in the face of both internal struggles and a society that at the very least tacitly encourages divorce (if not outright endorses it)? Here are some helpful suggestions:

Healing from Divorce

A supportive community is necessary when a person is suffering due to separation, divorce, or being widowed. The needs of each individual during this time will vary greatly depending on their circumstances. For example, an elderly widow who has lost her husband to a degenerative disease will need different community support than a young mother or father who is experiencing separation or divorce.