The Diocese of Phoenix was officially established on December 2, 1969 – prior to that establishment the parishes, schools and other institutions were part of either the Diocese of Tucson or the Diocese of Gallup. Any credible allegation of abuse that occurred prior to the December 2, 1969 date is coordinated by the Diocese in which the abuse occurred. Please see the links below for credible allegations in the Diocese of Gallup and the Diocese of Tucson.

Community Notification Statements

The Diocese of Phoenix will notify parish leadership and parish communities as soon as reasonably possible when a cleric serving there has been withdrawn from ministry because of credible allegation(s) of sexual misconduct with a minor(s). In addition, parishes and the Diocese at large will be notified when a cleric who once served in the Diocese has had a credible allegation and/or has been arrested, indicted or convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor anywhere.