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Catechesis for Children with Disabilities

A Handbook for Parish Leaders in the Diocese of Phoenix

This handbook was developed to assist school and parish staff in the effort to reach children with special needs with the Gospel of Christ. Bishop Olmsted invites each of us to join him in this primary mission of the Church: forming all children, including those with special needs, to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

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Catecismo para Niños con Necesidades Especiales

Un Manual Para los Líderes Parroquiales en la Diócesis de Phoenix

Este manual fue desarrollado para ayudar al personal de las Parroquias y escuelas en el esfuerzo de evangelizar a los niños con necesidades especiales en el Evangelio de Cristo. El Obispo Olmsted nos invita a acompañarlo en esta misión fundamental de la Iglesia: formar niños, incluyendo aquellos con necesidades especiales, a conocer, amar y servir a Jesucristo.

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Local Resources

Cognitive Disability Support

Faith & Light provides support for persons with cognitive disabilities, their families and friends who gather regularly as local faith communities.

Disabilities Mentor: Nannette Salasek, Raising Special Kids, Parishioner St. Thomas the Apostle

Parish Based Ministry to the Deaf[ East Valley | West Valley | Central Valley ]

Sample Parish Special Education forms