Welcome! The Vicar for Priests Office assists the bishop by providing support to the priests in the Diocese of Phoenix.

About the Vicar for Priests

The Vicar for Priests Office assists the bishop by providing support to the priests in the Diocese of Phoenix by:

  • Responding to matters concerning spiritual, physical, and psychological health of the priests of the Diocese.

  • Coordinating continuing education programs, retreats, convocations, clergy days, and days of recollection as well as sabbaticals for clergy.

  • Acting on behalf of the bishop concerning matters of priest personnel.

The activities of the Vicar for Priests include but are not limited to the following:

  • Visitation of priests in the parishes, their work place, the hospital, their home, etc. in order to offer personal support.
  • Sacramental ministry on weekends in parishes when the local priest is away on vacation, retreat, workshop, sickness or other reasons.
  • Assistance in finding priests for weekend help in the parishes.
  • Programs for first time pastors and recently ordained, retreats and days of recollection for priests, priests’ continuing education days and the priests’ convocation.
  • Social events, such as the Advent dinner for priests.
  • Organizes Jubilarian Banquet and Memorial Mass for deceased priests.
  • Assists as needed in funeral planning.
  • The PRIESTLY LIFE newsletter for priests.
  • Financial and moral assistance to priests in special circumstances.
  • Sits as a member of, and provides staff support for, the Priest Placement Board in the work of recommending to the Bishop assignments of priests to parishes and other ministries in the Diocese.
  • Serves on the Presbyteral Council and is Chair of the Priestly Life and Ministry Committee.
  • Assistance to priests in planning sabbaticals and ongoing educational experiences.
  • Assistance in the process of welcoming priests from outside the Diocese of Phoenix who wish to live and work here.
  • Organizes enculturation workshops for foreign born priests.
  • Provides accent reduction workshop opportunities for foreign born priests.
  • Assists priests in the incardination process.